Burn Permits & Status Bans
No Fire Ban
A fire permit is required for any outdoor burning that is not within approved fire pits or burning appliances. Approved incinerators or burning barrels outside of hamlets do not require a burning permit.
Unless there is a fire ban, burn permits Are NOT required for a recreational (backyard) fire
A recreational or backyard fire or pit fire is a fire that is totally confined within a non-combustible structure or container that has draft and smoke vents covered with a heavy gauge metal screen and mesh size no larger than 13 mm. The pit must be ventilated in a way that does not allow for the escape of combustible materials, including ash. A fire pit must be situated a minimum of three metres (10 feet) away from other combustible product (e.g. fence, house, garage, deck or trees).

This fire is for recreational purposes only (cooking or obtaining warmth) and may only be fuelled with clean dry wood. At no time should a recreational fire pit be used to burn garbage, leaves, straw or any other prohibited burning materials. Recreational fires which meet these parameters are allowed in all hamlets and rural areas without a fire permit.

Use of a fire pit is not allowed during a fire ban.

Stay up-to-date on fire bans in Alberta, at albertafirebans.ca.

Currently Valid Burn Permits
fires must be extinguished by sunset of each day
No Valid Burn Permits at this time